Kid's Sailing and Pirate Adventures

Pirate Treasure Hunt aboard Valkyrie Sailing Catamaran Miami and The Hamptons Valkyrie’s boating service extends far beyond Bachelorette parties and model shoots. We also provide family-friendly service. This is your opportunity to enjoy a lovely day on the water with the entirety of your family. Whether you are interested in swimming, snorkeling, fishing or an epic pirate treasure hunt, our boating service will make it happen. Whether you have half a dozen little ones or a single child, you, your significant other and your child/children will have an amazing boating experience on the Valkyrie. This is your opportunity to leave all of your responsibilities behind, let our team spearhead your aquatic adventure and focus on enjoying a day on the water. Our family group service is highlighted by kids’ sailing and pirate treasure hunts. After all, every child, tween and teen envies pirates. This is your kid’s opportunity to act out his or her pirate adventure dreams on the water. Let our boating service set up a pirate treasure hunt for your little ones and they will have the time of their life looking for the bounty hidden by our boating personnel. Instead of restricting the

Pirate Treasure Hunt aboard

Kids sailing and pirate adventure camp aboard valkyrie sailing charters Miami the Valkyrie, we expand our boundaries by boating your family to nearby sand dunes. Our crew buries the treasure in these sand dunes and provides your little ones with a treasure map sure to pique their interest. From here, your kids are free to search throughout the entirety of the dunes for the buried treasure. Parents are also encouraged to assist. After all, even the oldest amongst us is still a kid at heart. Give our treasure hunt a try with your child, tween or teen and you just might find you have as much fun as your son or daughter while searching for the riches. Our family service can also provide a pirate director to entertain your children as well as his or her friends while out on the water. In addition to pirate adventures, we provide kids’ sailing experiences where we navigate the local waters to destinations sure to suit your child’s fancy. The Valkyrie experience also includes fun activities for kids during the boating expedition.

From shore adventures to tubing,

Kids tubing adventure aboard sailing charter Hamtons and Biscayne Bay Florida treasure hunts and beyond, we have all the bases covered to ensure your kids have a blast during their day on the water. Our Boating Personnel Sweats the Small Stuff on Your Behalf Don’t spend a single second worrying about child safety while out on the water! We have the safety angle covered so you can strictly focus on having fun with your loved ones on the water. We mandate that every child under the age of 12 wears a life jacket throughout the boating expedition. Furthermore, kids age 12 and under are to be supervised by adults. Our team will delve into additional child safety details with you and other adults boarding our vessel prior to departure.

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